Tuesday, September 06, 2011

And more good news . . .
Remember the little boy Rodrigo that I treated with Bioenergy using the Domancic method on our vacation in Spain with the Apert syndrome? (See post from July 30.) Well, I just go an e-mail from his father saying that he also has made a huge leap in his verbal abilities after the treatments. It says that he is making more syllables and singing and that he can now play word games with his dad where he can finish the words.  I had stopped treating him after  only three treatments because I didn't know if I had the parents' permission to continue since they had not answered their e-mail.  Now that I know they want more treatments, I will continue. 

 This is the letter I got from Rodrigo's dad Manuel:

Muchas gracias por vuestro interes.
Rodrigo parece que va avanzando algo. Va emitiendo más sílabas y le está gustando cantar las canciones de sus series favoritas. También le gusta jugar a las palabras conmigo. yo le digo una palabra y no le digo la última sílaba y el la completa.Yo creo que le vendría bien que siguieses con el tratamiento.
    Un abrazo y un beso para vosotros. 
This is HUGE.

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