Tuesday, August 09, 2011

We saw bull heads.
I am amazed at how much culture I soaked in today.
CULTURE (Slacker style)
I hope the girls are soaking in culture
Far be it for us to hang out at the pool all day every day . . . we also ate out . . and walked around before dinner (this blog is really only for Greta's mom.)
Did you know tasting the food is like sampling the culture on a plate?
Fried guacamole tastes much better than it looks, but still . . .
We had chocolate fondent volcano cake with mango ice cream for dessert. Just saying . . .
(I really only care about my international modelling career)
Look over my shoulder, it's soaking in as we speak . . .
We are such culture providers . . .

Smoky, creamy tomato soup!

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