Wednesday, August 17, 2011

T and Savana, getting ready to hit the town!
Day 1 in the LIFE
A little bit of drama as always.  First of all, the plane our friends Savana and Kim were supposed to get on had engine trouble.  Every hour for ten hours the Delta people at JFK told them we are fixing the plane and then you should be good to go. And they also distributed potato chips-- now that is customer service! The funny part, not ha-ha funny but you know amusing, was that for ten hours the Italian people who were boarding to come back to Italy were super calm and zen about everything and the American people were freaking out because they had to wait so long.  Then the passengers got told that the engine trouble had finally been resolved so if people wanted to board that flight they could. It was only after the Italians found out that the food on the plane had gone bad and so only snacks and not meals could be served in-flight that all hell broke loose.  One woman got down on her knees and started yelling and banging stuff. In the end almost all of the Americans rescheduled and the Italians got back on the plane. It is an interesting anthropological fact and I have no idea what it means about humanity, but it is definitely deep and must mean something.

To keep our friends awake, as you must do when people take an overnight flight and have to go through a six hour time difference, we tortured them by taking them to a fabulous pool party in honor of Chiara's birthday.  F chatted to Kim like he was her manicurist for three hours so that she wouldn't fall asleep on her deck chair. I chatted with Chiara's mom Paula and grandma Sig.ra Martini and then interpreted back and forth for Kim every so often. We returned home to one of F's fabulous ravioli dinners and for dessert we went out for Savana's first real gelato.  She had heard a year's worth of descriptions and build-up from her friend T so by the time she got to Crema e Cioccolata she really had the acquolina in bocca. And from what we could tell, her nutella, sacher, and fragola triple cone did not disappoint.

Last night Kim woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was morning and apparently had a little merenda/snack with the girls at 1:30 AM and then thankfully everyone went back to sleep.  I did Bioenergy treatments on Lorenzo for autism, Rodrigo for Apert's syndrome and for Kim's husband Donald's sciatica and got up bright and early to audition for LIFE gym. First I made a stop at the parucchiere Massimo Pretty Hair to get my ponytail shellacked up with hairspray. He teased the crown so I looked like a cross between a rooster and Debbie Gibson, but it was very done, if you know what I mean.

I had to walk there using F's "shortcut" through the underbrush and over the train tracks and past two, salivating attack dogs in the blazing hot sun to get there in time. In my rush to get out of the house silently, I forgot everything except my name and my music.  Finally, it was time to perform in front of Dino the boss  who had no idea what to think, but was very charming regardless, and Fabio who seemed impressed that I could make his arms burn using no weights at all.  I definitely will get one class out of the deal, but I have my fingers crossed for two.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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