Sunday, August 14, 2011

Somebody quick write a poem!

An ode to new friends is what I'm looking for. We had the best night at my friend Christina's house yesterday.  It turns out she lives just a few blocks from us. Christina is from Scotland and she is going to one day in the near future open the first truly luxury accomodations available in the city of Lucca. She is the intrepid adventurer in her family of four, including her grown up son and daughter, who has come to Lucca ahead of her husband to lay the groundwork for their new endeavors. She has impeccable taste and is willing to be both silly and crazy if the occasion demands it. In other words: me likey. We dined on figs and creamy cheese on a bed of juicy tomato and covered in melt in your mouth aubergine and the most luscious vegetarian lasagne I have ever encountered on a fork. We were joined by Rusty and Pepper who run a bed and breakfast in Ghivvizano called Casa La Pace and who are experts in marketing and apparently covered with magic talent dust that renders them wizards in tons of endeavors both artistic and technical. Sadly, we are the kind of unclassy guests who run around photographing everything and climbing the ladders to the lounge in the loft. But you knew that.

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