Monday, August 08, 2011

Las Chicas


Is the reason that these girls:

look so happy.

Seriously have you ever seen happier looking children? (See what an awesome job I'm doing, Greta's momma?)

Today while F and the girls went to the pool, I went solo to the beach. I saw two adorable guys wearing pastel polos and selling these very effective styrofoam airplane kites for two euro. The kites are made up of three parts that jigsaw together.  After I purchased four of these high flyers complete with Spongebob stickers, the dynamic duo earnestly showed me how to put it together, It was as though they were afraid that I'd  get home to Italy and suddenly get all confused. Like does the tail part go in the back or the front? Shoot, why didn't I look more closesly at the complex styrofoam mechanics? But they were very, very sweet. By the way, isn't it  awesome that the whole country of Spain understands Italian perfectly and also gets a kick out of it?

I also saw some bucktoothed, googly eyed women that are just as nerdy as your second cousin Ida going around all  bare chested and wearing microscopic thongs.  It was like Girls Gone Wild at Math Camp.

There were also all of these Ethel Merman type women of a certain age lying flat on their backs at the water's edge with their hair full of slime looking all blissed out like Daryll Hannah in Splash and singing Smarvelous in Spanish under their breath.

Note to men in America: Get with it macho brothers of all different mothers because the men of Europe have truly embraced the color pink. Say one word about it being girly and they will beat the ever loving crap out of you.

I'm not sure what the cut off age for learning to swim is here, but under the age of five every single child has little floaty bracelets and the mothers are forever blowing into them like some strange breathalizer test for tired, sober people..

One of the most Spanish things I've ever seen was this curvy woman in a slick black bikini swaying into the waves while a teeny tiny shivering chihuahua ran up to the foam of the waves and looked at her longingly, waiting for her to return.  If this had been a telenovella that little doggy would have been saying, "Ay chica I will wait for you until my little hairy maracas fall off." Then the woman got hip to the fact that I was honing in on her faithful four legged action and gave me a withering glare so I kept things moving and resumed my stroll down the coastline. The furry creep didn't even notice me. He kind of reminded me of George Clooney, actually.

In all seriousness, la Playa de Valdegrana does have this awesome contraption whereby elderlly people and people in wheelchairs can go on floatable wheelchairs and enjoy a day in the sea.  It is a genius idea that beaches all over the world should adopt immediately.

 Then we came home and ate dinner and watched So You Think You Can Dance bootleg style. You know how we do it.  Just dangerous outlaw expats on a mission.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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