Friday, August 05, 2011

Italy's Next Top Spanish Models

Today we went to Arcos de la Frontera or as the girls call it: mini Barbie town. The real Barbie town is closer to Seville and looks just like the mini version except for a big pink church resembling a Barbie dream house on the crest of the highest hill. We were too lazy to drive to there so we settled for the picturesque mini version. Our girls are rather anti-Barbie as a political statement unless you mean our car conversation which followed Greta's holloween costumes throughout the ages and the theme which is anything dead i.e. dead cheerleader, dead ballerina, dead diva, and her favorite: dead Barbie.

All the other buildings were white little shuttered numbers built into the windy streets with brightly colored doors and shutters. There were many photo opportunities for our own top models/photographers and it felt very much like being on a film set for some exotic romantic comedy.

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