Monday, August 15, 2011

Buon Ferragosto!
Unfortunately, the flight of our friends Savana and Kim was delayed and they had to spend 10 hours at JFK after that terrible rainstorm hit New York. They are now destined to arrive tomorrow in time for Chiara's birthday party at the big pool with the slide called casina rossa.  Their luggage, however, has not fared so well. It seems to have taken a solo flight without them. I sure hope hope hope we find those blue, zebra-striped lovelies with the reeses chocolates inside them tomorrow. Anyway, today we went to Chiara's grandparents' house to be together with our borrowed Italian family for the holiday which makes us the luckiest former New Yorkers in Lucca for sure.  It was torturous to stay on my pre-audition diet in front of all of those pastries and yummy offerings, but I like to say I am on strike in solidarity with their Grandpa Luigi who has a special diet that he also hates. I got to see an article from some years ago in which their Grandma Franca was on Raiuno television doing a cooking segment out of her same kitchen and making her special tordelli, the traditional pasta dish of Lucca,  from a recipe that has been passed down for generations in her family. F and T stuff themselves like there is no tomorrow and make up for me without any problems. Plus F came home with a giant basket of fruit from the orchard plus the yummiest greenbeans we have ever tasted just cooked lightly with a little water and then seasoned with butter and salt.

We took this same photo a year ago. Let me find it . . .

We look totally different. That was the week two Novembers ago when we had to find the apartment here and we were really stressed out. And we had odd haircuts.

 I look like I'm having a hard time even understanding myself when I speak Italian.

F's love affair with their orchard goes on

and on . . .

Yup. Pools are the recipe for happiness!

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