Monday, August 22, 2011

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Day 6: Pick up sticks?
We are all so tired that I couldn't come up with an appropriate title for the post. I apologize now. This morning we got up with Kim's alarm and immediately got ready to go to the beach. Two hours later we left the house. In the end, one of the many things we forgot to bring with us was the camera. So that brings me to apology number two. Thank goodness you blog reading friends of ours are so loyal!
culture is pretty

After the beach, we were all grouchy until we took showers.  I forced Kim, almost against her will, and only after she made a detour to buy Savana another pair of skinny jeans, to go inside the church of San Michele, which she enjoyed immensely. Then I took her against her better judgement and only after she bought more "frizzy water"  to go on the actual wall of Lucca for a walk.  Once on the wall with its stupendous views of the Tuscan hills, she asked me why I hadn't brought her there sooner. And then she asked me why I didn't take her up on her offer to go to the spa, her treat. Except we went to the beach today. And then I realized that while Kim is a force of nature, a marvel or organization and efficiency and cleanliness and style, she has an extremely unrealistic sense of time management because I think we can all agree that bringing three girls to the beach when you only leave the house at  eleven in the morning is not something even Dr. Spock on Star Trek could have done on the same morning as visiting a spa, right? At any rate we exited the walls at the first possible opportunity and went to get her a Bloody Mary and the girls some lemon soda that ended up being tonic water with lemon (without the gin, I know because I tasted it.) Then we came back to prepare for our dinner guests Luca and Monica that we know from the glorious Giusti bakery as opposed to the Luca and Monica we know from the glorious Stella Zeta.

For dinner F prepared crudite appetizers with various dips, lemon mushroom ravioli, chard with peperoncino, a cheese plate with fresh burrata and lovely fresh figs that our guests brought along with a huge tub of eight flavors of fabulous gelato. Then the girls did their homework and Kim rewarded them with some reality television, but we all have to wake up at the crack of crack to go to the vineyard tomorrow and find Kim some villas to visit so that with any luck T will get another visit from her sister/friend Savana next year.
After dinner I did a bilingual infomercial for glycerolo which cures even cystic acne.

If Kim bankrolls me, I will be rich. But I am too tired. Still if you steal this idea, I will hunt you down.

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