Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to Lucca and our L.I.F.E.

Back in Lucca less than a day and already the craziness has ensued. T's friend Savana from Brooklyn and her mom Kim are coming to spend a week with us starting on Monday so we are unpacking and cleaning our apartment, which was left in very fine shape by the Spanish family, in case you were wondering. T is overwhelmed with the 64 pages of math problems that she has to as a small part of her summer homework. Well hey, Vogue editors are not just born, they have to work, people.

This morning I had an interview with L.I.F.E. gym. It would be a great place for me because they specialize in exercise classes and personal training for women with an emphasis on dimagrimento/getting skinny.  With all of my thyroid driven adventures in the zero metabolism zone, my rather pillowy inner thighs, love of gourmet food, and various health challenges, if I can get in shape -- it means anyone can.  I really liked one of the owners named Dino whose wife Gemma, also a co-owner, recently had a baby and who had sent me a very friendly text while I was in Spain inviting me to come in.  I also met yet another "Fabio" who handles the exercise side of things. He had a great sense of humor without being smarmy like the Peacock (see earlier post). He invited me to audition formally for him on Wednesday.  He had to catch a plane and so he said that if I insisted on dancing for him right then and there I would be getting off on the wrong foot by ruining his trip. I relented and offered to learn to drive on the spot so that I could take him to the airport myself. Luckily, he laughed and also opted not to take any chances.

Toto, I don't think we're in Brooklyn anymore . . .
You know you are really bored when you are waiting outside a gym in the middle of nowhere taking pictures of yourself. . .
L.I.F.E.  has a sweet deal with the city/comune of Lucca that gives them the rights to offer classes at the park on top of the city walls during the sunny season.  For a secret exhibitionist with hip hop tendencies like me, a strut it out session on the walls would be just what the doctor ordered. The other positive thing would be the possibility of doing some personal training Tracy Anderson style with my hip hop and injury-preventing modifications which would allow me to earn a bit more soldi. The rough part is the walk which from the house on stark streets without sidewalks which can take almost half an hour and may make me learn how to ride a bicycle -- or not. It is fine now but when I have the flu and it is rainy season, it may not be delightful.  Can we talk for a moment about how lucky I am to have F who walked me there, calmed me down, and waited for me outside for half an hour while he secretly took the exact photos we needed for this blog post?

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