Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 3: Hostesses with no sense of direction
Seriously has anyone else in Lucca ever had a houseguest who has been forced to traverse the same stretch of Fillungo eighty seven times without once finding what they set out to buy or seeing the inside of a single church, gallery, or cultural institiution.  Poor Kim! Her feet are falling off and it is all my fault. Plus I never remember to bring aqua frizzante out with us so she is constantly thirsty. On the up side, I did sit with her for three hours while she got the royal treatment at my hair parlour. On the downside, I became a nervous wreck on the eighty eighth time we set off down on the same stretch of road and realized that I had entered Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole yet again and no matter how hard I tried either thirst, heat, holiday closings, or that pesky intervallo got in the way of my ever showing her anything of value. On the upside we went to the newly refurbished Da Felice for an elegant pizza dinner under chandeliers with fancy china and tablecloths and seven hundred choices of delectable toppings. We were joined by Paola and Stefano and T's classmates Marisol and Chiara. F got gorgonzola and walnuts which was divine. I had porcini mushrooms, artichokes, olives and the girls had french fries.  I wish I had got a photo of the rather stick in the mud hostess of Da Felice. When I complimented her for the fancy decor and said that we weren't used to eating our pizza in such a lovely setting in NY, she wrinkled her nose at me and told me that it wasn't a pizzeria it was a "ristorante." Okay miss mary mack all dressed in black, sorry for trying to compliment you. Whatevs.
We are milking every minute of parental distraction available to us . . .

Stefano, we'd love him even if he didn't speak English, but tonight he was KEY!

K, try eating from the other end of the mushroom, cara!

French fries on Pizza? I love Italy!

I'm with ya, sister!

I was just thinking the same thing . . . Dessert!

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