Friday, July 15, 2011

Yay! Anna Maria is smiling and that is me in the black. . .
The Audition–Il Provino
So after hours of nervous stomach and crippling shin splints from this crazy heat wave, I did make it to the audition and was thrilled that 15 or so other folks also made it to take my class. The music worked more or less as did the batons with elastic attached to them that we used for balance to do some of the floor exercises. I spoke horrible Italian, but I counted very well from uno to otto, at least. The class had a few ringers, but most were not experienced exercisers and so I tried to entertain the troops many of whom were in too much pain to jump or twist. I made jokes about Shakira and my usual encouraging comments and compliments to try and get people not to go on strike.

My new friend Zara from the class, a fellow instructor, told me that the boss looks like the Italian Simon Cowell. What do you think?

Will he give me a job? Where is the Italian Paula Abdul when you need her?
Even though I was expecting an all female class,  a male instructor hopped in and took the class as did a nice Dutch guy who I met the other night at Cittadini del Mondo a Lucca, the expat social group. There were two sweet kids, a gorgeous Scottish woman who was kind enough to bring her  equally super fit friend and then a bunch of really nice Italian women about my age.

In the end the boss told me to come back Monday to discuss how it went.  He was running to go hear Elton John's concert which I heard the rest of from my bathroom as I washed the two tons of hair spray out of my pony tail. 

Arrivederci Brooklyn!

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