Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why oh why does the Ipod Touch not have a Zoom?
There in the distance is a very small bull
Today we took the girls to Sevilla/Seville, Spain.  It is truly a gorgeous city with some of the most breathtaking architecture and that smells very much of horse droppings and purple flowers. The girls got very quiet at the cathedral and really seemed to appreciate how different this church was even though they have been living in church central for some time now. We were stunned by beauty. Wanna see?

The road signs are bad in Italy, but Good Gazpacho they are really confusing and absolutely awful here so every trip we have to add on an extra leg of getting lost time, but you can see from the photos that we covered a lot of ground. Poor F seems to be eternally trapped in a game called Find the Estrogen  because between the three of us females there is always some girly moment of hungry hormonal hilarity happening. They don't even pronounce H's in this country. H-0la.

Are you gonna get us ice cream?

On the way home we stopped at El Puerto Santa Maria to go to a fabulous vegetarian friendly restaurant called El Arriate where we had fried, breaded guacamole croquettes, artichokes with red pesto, falafel with yogurt sauce, grilled veggies and the best smoky creamy cold tomato soup of this century on this planet in this solar system. Plus caramel rum cheese cake and grandma abuela's chocolate layer cake for dessert plus four spoons and a fight to the finish.

I can't help how cute I am in my new hat.
I wish I had a hat.

I miss meat. . . . Not me. . .
We ran after this couple and accidentally got in their wedding video. . .
As far as we know there is no bathroom in that whole building.
We hate vegetarians here!
I love you almost as much as fried guacamole


Laurence said...

Did you go to the alcazar and the enormous gardens in Sevilla? I liked the city better than any other in Spain.

FB said...

We did both! We took a long ramble around the city which has been made even more beautiful by booting the cars out of the center of town. In their place are sleek new trams that seem to run every three minutes. Now we are planning a day trip through the whitewashed hill towns of Andelusia. Do you have any recommendations?

Laurence said...

Cordoba and Granada are both good candidates to visit. The alhambra in Granada is fine, but having seen the alcazar in Sevilla, the alhambra is something of a Moorish architecture anticlimax, and is more touristy to boot.