Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When the momma's away . . .

the cats will play! While I was off planning and choreographing with Zara for our trial English language movement class for kids yesterday, Greta, T and their new friend from Canada found common ground in fashion, makeup and her fab wig collection.  Of course it was T who wanted them to walk around town in dress-up and F who tagged along behind them.  Some confused Lucchese people probably thought Comix came early this year.  Afterwards they had a sleepover party. I think there may even have been some sleeping involved as they didn't look in bad shape at breakfast. 

Today I went around to the Guess store where the employees enjoy yoga lessons during their lunch hour on their second floor every Friday.  I offered to give them my exercise class for a low price and the lady took my number.  They are all size zero to fit in the teeny tiny Guess clothes I guess (!) so I can't really saying anything negative about their current exercise routine except that having fun while you exercise never hurt anyone.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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