Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What a Water-full Life!
Today F went off with his Italian soul mate F2 to go get some magic water. Just another day in the life.

First they went to F2's house and drank excellent coffee and watched an MTV show called something like Date My Daughter where two loser, muscle heads compete for the dad's approval to date his daughter. In essence it was for both F and F2 a horror movie, but for F2 it came with Italian subtitles. Then they drank some diamond water which is supposed to have special health properties and the ability to help the drinker realize his intentions.  Just run of the mill guy stuff, as F put it.

Then the two Fs went to meet the Tommy Hilfiger twins who are really Johannes and Christoff to go to a place called Massa Macinaia. F kept calling it mass of macarena when he got home, but I looked it up. The twins are very sweet men who are very affectionate so I say it with love when I tell you that during the initial greetings F did not just get hugged, he got twin hugged, or, as we call it around here -- thugged. This dear troupe then went on their slippery way down the via dell'acqua to one spring that had light water and one that was heavy.

In the video you will hear a man talking about how the water's powerful cleansing properties and how it makes him have to go to the bathroom a lot which was a huge quality of life improvement for him. Bathroom humor is usually not my thing but when F, F2, identical twins and magic water is involved it is a winning combination; I'm sure you will agree.

Poor F, always the camera man, never in the photos

F came home with three bottles of the stuff, and, in case you were wondering, T and I both preferred the light water. Watch out, Coca Cola! 
You wish, fellas!

Arrivederci Brooklyn . . . and the Gowanus canal!

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