Monday, July 25, 2011


Watch, friends, how this blog practically writes itself. 

You've no doubt heard of Diddy's white party where all of his guests at the Hamptons had to wear white. Well, we did something like that today for energy practitioners in Arezzo. It was, sadly, not like this:

F and I have no white clothing due to the fact that we spent three months killing fleas in them (see post from Dec. 2010) so I had to wear my wedding dress. I trusted F to buy his own outfit at OVS, the discount store. Big mistake.  Not only were his pants off white and his shirt a size too small and wrinkled, but he had to sew the pants and needed no less than three consultations on what color underwear to select. In summary, we looked like good candidates to work on the Good Humor Ice Cream truck.

We joked in the car going up that if it rained, everyone's underwear would show. Of course not only did it pour, but it was freezing. Imagine three dozen spirtual type individuals dressed in thin white cotton frocks, clawing over the teeny coffee maker and snatching up any scattered throw blankets. Not pretty.

Let me backtrack. Fabio and Adriana invited us to visit them at the convent where they live and work for their teacher and spiritual guide  and his 200 to 300 monthly visitors.  They met in Romania, where Adriana was born, and where the yoga that they were practicing back then was illegal and had to be done under a different name. He gave up yoga for meditation, but she is still teaching and I had hoped she could one day teach at our center if we get it going. They are not the only volunteers at the convent, but they do a lot of work serving up meals, and welcoming everyone, getting them to their rooms, and maintaining the grounds.

Here are some photos of the convent which housed the Francescani monks in the 15th century, including the awesome Harry Potter like library and the Alice In Wonderland gardens, complete with talking squirrels.

His expression says: A white party, really?

Be quiet, squirrels!
I am the mayor of crazy town

The common dining room

Me and my Simka
Lovingly, I must somehow convey to you how many jokes F and I shared today on the theme of the 1970's television show Taxi.  All I can say is that for some reason Fabio and Adriana remind us very much of Latka and Simka played by Carol Kane and Andy Kaufman on that show.  Here is an excerpt, in case you need reminding.  Unfortunately, the only good scene I could find on youtube was the one where Alex Rieger played by Judd Hirsch tries to get Simka to go to her immigration meeting despite her having horrible PMS. Again, let me say how much I love and admire Adriana, and so it is with love that I share this memorable Carol Kane moment which is a combination of her voice and me at that special time of the month (start at min. 2:36):

At the white party we got to observe a workshop called "family constellations" which is family role play therapy. The therapist guy explained for more than half an hour what could be summed up in three sentences:

1. Some schmuck gets chosen to be IT.
2. He has to pick someone from the group to play his mother.
3. Let the chaos ensue.

Throw me from the train!
The therapist picked a guy to be the patient and then proceeded to barely disguise his rage that this individual claimed to have no parental issues that needed addressing.  He forced this poor man from a functional family to choose the only woman with visible gray hair in the room to play his mother. This woman has had more anger issues than the lead in Throw Momma from the Train and she proceeded to monopolize the session with her own rage for an entire hour and a half.  We only got out of there because I raised my hand to ask the therapist a question, and when he called on me I thanked him for the beautiful experience and got the hell out of Dodge.

Man, it was cold.

Where's Diddy?

Who's your Diddy?

I can't believe we didn't get in the jacuzzi.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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