Friday, July 29, 2011

Viva la Valdelagrana
We had no problems with our flight. Los switcheros left a huge air-condition equipped car at the parking lot for us. Greta is on antibiotics from before but I have that situation under control along with her five small meals with whole wheat and protein and her sun protection etc etc etc (are you reading this Bridget???:))   We are going in search of  UV shirts for the girls today since it is 90 degrees in the shade. The apartment which is Paco and Maria Angeles' vacation home is small, but the mattresses are fabulous and it was clean, clean, clean so I'm happy. The beach is not crowded like I expected and the sand is super soft especially under the sea with perfectly clean aquaman colored water and a wide, long concrete boardwalk where all the families stroll late at night when all the little cutie-cute stores are lit up with inexpensive tourist goodies.

A large latino Bart Simpson bounces children out of his mouth. . .

There was a problem improvvisto in that our house switching buddies didn't realize that we were vegetarian (my bad) and so left us a long list of meaty, fishy restaurants to try because there are NO OTHER KIND here. But a sweet lady in a clothing store recommended to my Spanish/Sign language laden question with a recommendation to try one of the nearby restaurants.  I asked the cooks and waiters who were smoking a cigarette before opening time at 9 PM whether they could oblige us. They stared at each other with their mouths aghast and then tried to contain their bemused mirth and amusement. Then  they made us the best veggie paella of our young lives. Plus the sangria "were'nt bad" neither.
Behind me was the "cuteness train" where children ride along the boardwalk. Choo choo!

Even cuter WITH sangria!

There is also a gigantic pool and two tennis courts for the apartment complex. The girls have been advised that I have taken T's insults that I am not adventurous or playful enough (when I am not shopping which I have been banned from doing until January) seriously and they have to guess what dare I am going to take to rectify this situation. Stay tuned for the answer to this Scooby Doo mystery . .

Yesterday we went to the closed down Vodafone store, but today they re-opened and so we are reunited and it feels so good.
Mmmmn Paella!

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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