Friday, July 22, 2011

Under the Tuscan Sun my Ass
Mi scusi, I'm just a bit exhausted at the moment.

Where was my frolicking through the fields collecting herbs or having my cute barebacked Italian gardener collect herbs for me while I supervised the restoration of my villa and sipped on something cosmopolitan and gossiped with my best-friend-neighbors as the children hunted for truffles and bounced sunshine off their shiny, smiling faces? Well I'll be darned if I know.

Today I was teaching lots of bored little children-- whose level of English speaking remains a mystery to me -- how to shake their little behinds. The first hour was for little three year old tots and the second hour was for older kids around double that.

Actually, it didn't go badly.  Luckily, Zara and I had T and her friends to help us out. It seems that the cable necessary to work the sound system was stolen by the Summer Festival and so we had to improvise all of the songs acapella.  And the bathroom didn't work. Which was bad because I had to pee the second I got there and I was not alone in that sentiment. Also due to the lack of music, we had to completely redo the whole lesson plan and make up a lot of stuff then and there/li per li.

Also F, despite having passed the practice tests with flying colors, failed his Italian driver's license test by getting 3 more wrong than they allow.  And he was bummed all the porca vacca out. Now he has to wait at least a month to try again.

So Arrivederci Brooklyn . . . and Frances Mayes can put ointment on my down yonder mosquito bites.

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