Monday, July 11, 2011

So innocent . . .
Love is in the air
By now you have all figured out that I am having not a romance, not a bro-mance -- I'll save that for F and F2, but kind of a po-mance, with my police officer friend Anna Maria.  She is funny, she is stunning, and she is willing to take us plus Greta to the beach.

Even though their own daughters are with their grandparents because of their hectic summer work schedule, they still were so sweet to ours, calling Greta Garbo, playing pallavolo with T and making sure that we all had fun and food and the best of everything. Plus Fabio has such a winning sense of humor.  He is one of those people who you have to make an investment in and then all this good stuff keeps showing up. When he speaks English, it is beyond charming. Whenever one of us says "yes" in English, he follows it up with "Schwepps" said with real swagger from some bilingual soda commercial. It makes me laugh every time because he smiles in such a cheesy way when he says it.

Here are some photos in the parking lot after coming home from our day at Mozza Torre near Livorno somewhere:

F2 is distracted while I woo my Anna
See how happy we are?
Now he is catching on . . .
Ah, he approves!
A fried girl

Greta was also fried.  I swear we re-applied the water resistant sun lotion six times today.  Then Greta went to take her hair out of her braid and it was completely in dreadlocks.  I used all of the conditioner we have in the house, even the expensive good stuff, and spent over an hour untying the dreads and rinsing out the conditioner.  I hope this does not lower my standing with her family as a responsible caretaker because lord knows I did everything I could to protect her fair, golden loveliness from getting a bit al dente.

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