Sunday, July 03, 2011

Mangia, mangia
Considering how much our lives here revolve around food, we haven't been writing enough about it. So just to start with a couple of random things, like lunch:

Totally typical, fresh sweet peas just cooked a few minutes with salt, pepper, a touch of garlic, olive oil, and a grating of parmigiano-reggiano, tossed with a spinach pasta. (K says feel free to squeeze a lemon over it).

And then the fruit of the moment--peaches, amazing, dripping, impossibly sweet, yet tangy peaches. In the center, that little heart of the pit that looks a little like an almond, which (food geek fact that I (F) picked up from Luca on Sunday) is how amaretto got its name. It all started when I was trying to describe French macarons to him, which was stretching my Italian beyond the breaking point, but I was determined. When I finally got through the list of ingredients and mentioned farina di mandorle / almond flour, he revealed himself as a kindred spirit by going off on his own digression, explaining that they mix a few of the peach or apricot pits, which are amaro/bitter (actually poisonous in quantity), in with the almonds, which makes the whole mix paradoxically sweeter, and they then use it to make amaretto, the liqueur and amaretti, the biscotti with the twisty wrapper.

p.s. Having lived her own version of The Bicycle Thief, T has a new bike!!! 

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