Friday, July 01, 2011

K --Before . . . not gonna show you an After
Tracy Anderson in Tuscany

Tracy-- Before (on the right)
In addition to my brilliant, innovative diet that will soon be making headlines throughout Italia which consists of F cutting my portion sizes down by at least half, I have also started working out again. I have loved Tracy Anderson's method ever since I first learned about it back in New York. Most famous for being the trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow and Shakira, she works all the little accessory muscles in your body instead of the same bicep/ tricep/hamstring routines that pack on bulk and make you look like a man or like Madonna before she started doing Tracy Anderson technique. You are supposed to do the workouts which include both cardio dancing and mat work strength training with little to no weights for an hour to two hours, six days a week. So far I've done five days, I think.

The cool thing is that it does things to your body like take the chicken wing droopy flats of flesh under your arms and stick them back into the bones and does a similar vacuum action on your outer thighs. My problem has always been my inner thighs but maybe if you keep hammering away you get to those eventually, as well. Italian women mostly say they don't exercise, but I see the same faces jogging by me on the wall when I go for a walk, and they are always cruising past me lifting small children in their palms while riding their bicycles in stiletto heels and carrying maxi purses over their shoulders. So maybe the point is many don't ever see the inside of a gym.  Bad news for me since I am thinking of getting a job in a gym. Tracy doesn't approve of cycling or jogging as a dance cardio substitute because those cause you to bulk up in spots and cause muscle imbalances, as well. 

Tracy After--she looks warm and friendly?
If you do the arm motions without stopping, using just the weight of your arms, they begin to burn like nonna left the polpetti on the fire.  If you do the leg exercises, you get buns of steel, but I also get pinches in my SI joint occasionally so I have to learn how to modify them.  So if I steal her moves and put it to hip hop music, all the while giving her credit, do you think that skinny little blondie is going to come hunt down my expat tush and sneak into the teeny tiny Happy Gym and sue me? Let's hope not. I did  wake up sweating and hearing the accordion player taunt me with even more George Michael ballads, but that happens every morning so . . ..

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