Tuesday, July 05, 2011

JULY 4th is CRAZY Lucca Soccer Day

At dinner tonight, T was complaining about how there were no fireworks for the fourth. So after dinner we went to play ball and get a gelato.

It started off normally enough . . .
As we were heading back past San Michele, I found the answer to a question that has always plagued me: What would my daughter do if she saw a huge crowd of men chanting and throwing fire and carrying on in a frenetic, crazy way?  The answer, in case you too were wondering, is that she would totally ignore the frantic yells of her mother and run toward the crowd of crazed lunatics. Oh and F would join her, iPod in hand. Yup. And I would be left behind with the last three smoke surviving mosquitoes (bites: elbow, thigh, and ear). 

 The rest of this story has been documented in video:

They were chanting: "Vi-va l'America v-iva la Lucchese/ Long live America; long live the Lucchese which became Vi-va la merda dei Lucchesi and E' la malattia che non va via / It is the disease that doesn't go away."  I kept expecting the kids from Glee Project to show up with pom poms.

T says: Also Italians don't sue so they can get away with a lot.

1. Firework lying sideways exploding on the street =LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!

2. So much red and green smoke that extremely butch old men were wearing jaunty scarves over their mouths =LAWSUIT!

3. People trampling each other=LAWSUIT!

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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