Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it me or do our new friends have a lot of light around them?
Moving on/Tirando avanti

One thing about changing countries is that you figure out what is it that you can leave behind and what you will take with you no matter where you go. I now believe a lot of that stuff can be understood as energy. It cracks me up when people say they have difficulty believing in things they can't see - like Bioenergy healing.  I mean you believe in the love between you and people in your life, right? You can't exactly see that, can you? Come to think of it, a lot of the good stuff in my life is stuff I can't see.

Lately, I've just been surprised at how much no matter where you go there you are got packed up and taken with me. I have been dealing with the stuff I brought with me one layer at a time. At times I have unpacked physical symptoms and terrible nightmares. Luckily, I brought something bigger than myself, too. The other obvious thing that shocks me is how even when you run off to Tuscany you have to still earn money somehow, you have to still watch what you eat, and exercise, and "tend your garden" as my friend Bridget says.  That particular expression makes me think of bikini waxing, but I know she meant it as taking care of your house and your family and your health. 

The cool thing about most of the expats in Lucca is that they chose this place because they were ready for it and willing to make a lot of sacrifices and take a lot of risks to get what they want out of life. But the lucchese are my people, too. That's why tonight we had our meeting about forming a non-profit  cultural association to do Bioenergy healing and other good stuff like yoga and meditation lessons and ayurvedic medicine and herbalistic sciences for people in Lucca.

We got enough names together to submit to take our first step, but we have to also find the right space to rent in the city. F and I put together a lot of trays of artichoke, lemon ricotta and minty pea, sundried tomato and fresh tomato and basil bruschetta to satisfy our light eating mostly vegetarian guests and then Johannes and Christoff brought some lemon cakes and Anna Maria brought the best tiramisu you will ever taste in your life.

Fresh tomato basil bruschetta

Lemon ricotta and pea with mint bruschetta

There were some awkward moments as no one here will sit or eat without hearing the magical words of invitation that I have yet to figure out.  I tried several encouraging combinations of things that I think mean "make yourselves comfortable/accomodatevi and serve yourselves/servitevi pure and shall we all sit down/vogliamo sederci but none of those worked so finally I just said I don't know how to say this in Italian but can we use the many chairs in the other room for sitting? And they all smiled at each other and got moving.

Then there was another weird pause while people ate in total silence. So I cleared my throat and gave a speech about my personal experiences with Bioenergy and how it helped me and the people I have in turn helped here in Lucca. I explained how F and I were really interested to hear about the work that they were doing and to find a way to give back to Lucca by creating a great community resource that could really help people to improve their health and their lives. And then people said stuff about how to handle the financial side of things that I still don't understand. The twins also told us that they are Lemurians, like the ones who live in the fifth dimension on Mt. Shasta in California where F went camping with the boyscouts when he was a kid. They gave T a nice necklace. And then we got invited to dress in white and go hear other people who do this kind of stuff throughout Italy next Sunday which is when F and I realized that he has nothing white to wear and my only complete white outfit is my wedding dress. Whatever.

Oh and the yoga teacher lady gave T a lamp shaped like a turtle which is great because she was begging me for a turtle all last week.

Remember just normal dinners at Two Boots on 2nd Street in Park Slope and renting a video?
Arrivederci Brooklyn!

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