Saturday, July 30, 2011

eso es todo
Today we tried the swimming pool in Valdelagrana where we lived out day two of our house switching festivities from Lucca to Spain. The life guard who was more interested in guarding the life of this one particular senorita a little more than the rest of us let us know that we had violated some rule having to do with our hair. I didn't want the girls wearing hair elastics because they get their locks all knotted up, but he seemed to say we had to wear our hair up.  That is when I realized that none of the other girls had their hair up, but they did shower before entering the pool. Elastics back off and we got our hair wet. We went in the pool. Senor life guard came over and told us we had to use elastics. I know this because Spanish is Italian spoken while eating saltines and whistling. But none of the Spanish girls had to. Then I figured it out. We had American hair cooties. So now the girls and I call hair elastics AC bands.

The life guard can only watch one body . . . like Bay Watch but creepier

Hey, aren't I doing a good job at watering and feeding Greta?

Greta and T then put on a "diving show" which fascinated several of the Spanish girls who then began doing their own dives and looking back and me and F to see if we appreciated their prowess, which we, of course, did.

After a lunch (of whole wheat and protein, K says to Greta's mother) we went to the beach. I took a long walk on the silky sand, kicking through the super clear water. T managed to get three jellyfish bites, bump her elbow, skin her knee and get bitten by a very cute boy. Hold up, the boy was four.  And the boy was someone I was drawn to. I asked the father if I could do Bioenergy treatments on him. And then I made friends with Carmen his mom.  Rodrigo has Apert syndrome which involves malformations of his skull, hands, feet, jaw and face and has had surgery on his webbed feet and on his skull.
Rodrigo was named for a great champion
Carmen says he is her great blessing

Rodrigo's dad said to me that I will give energy to his son just like his son gives energy to him. That's when it hit me. Energy is love. And love is God. And so for me the math is very simple. And Rodrigo thought T was delicious which nobody can deny.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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