Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dancin' for my life!
We are frantically packing for Spain and cleaning the house and getting it ready for Paco & Maria Angeles. Meanwhile, I have been trying to figure out my work life for when we get back. 

Well, I am going to work at that happy, Happy Gym twice a week entertaining the moms who bring their kids to a children's class at the same time. The pay is less than I was hoping for, but at least the gym is in walking distance (25 min.) from my house; the vibe is relaxed; and I don't have to bring my own clients with me in order to get paid. It will suck during rainy season, but lots of things are suck-ish during rainy season.

Therefore, I guess I will bid adieu to the Peacock (see earlier post) because what gym makes you have to bring in your own students and fires you if you can't?

Plus I'm going to offer classes at the house for the lovely, lovely women who belong to an invite only facebook list of expats called Lucca What (Women Having a "Time Out"). By "time out," I  don't think they mean a punishment for naughty toddlers but rather fun evenings out. And I will invite my friends that work at stores in town. Yeah, it's totally illegal but what am I -- living in the movie Footloose?

 I started treadmill dancing before Tracy Anderson did, but she did all the work to publicize it places other than Body Reserve Gym in Park Slope, Brooklyn, so she gets the credit.  Here is a piece of my morning workout:

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