Monday, July 04, 2011

A mountain of plums / Una montagna delle susine

We were invited yesterday for lunch at T's friend Chiara's house and then back to Chiara's grandparents' pool in the country afterwards.

Like father, like daughter, in this case.
Buon Appetito!

F is always a favorite with the grandparents since he cleans his plate and anyone else's who needs help finishing theirs.  They delight in filling up his plate and watching it disappear like some crazy magic act. But  I wish you could have seen F skipping through the orchards, well okay not skipping, but stepping energetically, at Chiara's grandparents' invitation to fill up baskets with fruit from their many, many plum, peach, and apple trees.  He thought he was helping out the family by filling up basket after basket; but they just expected him to pick what he could eat and take it home with him.  Otherwise it just all goes to waste, they explained.  Man, were they impressed when he came back with multicolored mountains of fruit in their abundant wicker baskets.

Caught red handed!

It is great he can eat like that, Chiara's grandmother told me.  I quickly explained the situation to F who turned from looking very pleased with his long, fruit picking limbs to covering his head with his hands.  I thought it was for everyone, he explained sheepishly.  And that is why, friends, we now have 25 kilos of fruit in my kitchen, literally.

A small sample of what we stole from this lovely family

He has long arms, your husband

We better hurry up-- the tall guy is coming!
After our fun day at the pool. We went to a Cittadini del Mondo a Lucca (CDMAL) garden party at a trattoria outside of the walls.  The event included native Lucchese people returning  to Lucca along with expats from all over the world  to celebrate the city and its people. We couldn't pass it up because the theme was also desserts from around the world and the guests were to bring a treat from their hometown.  We brought Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, but it was exciting to see brownies and toffee and pudding made with Nilla wafers.  Nothing says home like your native junk food. Yum!

Secret storage space for desserts of the world. Shhhh!!!

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