Friday, July 08, 2011

And the saints come marching in . . .
If you really want to know what I love most about Lucca it would have to be our friends.  Somehow I thought that now that we had already been here a year, renewing our permesso di soggiorno would be little more than going to the police station/questura and showing our passports.  I couldn't have been more SBAGLIATO/WRONG. Thank goodness my friend Anna Maria, the gorgeous police woman, and her husband Fabio (also known as F2 for his friendship with our F), a Guardia di finanza, came by to help us out.

Me, being amazed, and doing my important job.

F made a Chinese dinner that they enjoyed. I did nothing. Here is a photo of me drinking wine while our exceptional friends filled out a huge International House of Pancakes size stack of documents for us and put them in the envelopes that Anna Maria had picked up for us at the post office. They stayed until almost midnight. F made the necessary photocopies from our scanner.  Did I mention that I did the important job of drinking wine? Listen somebody had to do it. Plus Anna Maria offered to come to my sample class at the Testosterone gym known as Qbo, even though she has some injuries. Oh I am way ahead of you there. I am going to do bioenergy treatments for Anna and for her daughter Erica who is suffering with bronchitis this summer.

How did I get so lucky?

(F is making fun of me.)

One year ago who would have predicted that we would have the kind of friends who would help us like this?

Arrivederci, Brooklyn where eating Chinese food is not momentous and weird!

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