Friday, June 24, 2011

Life's a Spiaggia 
Yay, now that we finally have a car, we get to go to the good beaches like Marina di Vecchiano, Baratti, or Rosignano instead of cheezy Viareggio, where the people are super nice but the public beach is a tiny sliver and there is no sense paying for a private cabana thingy when none of us actually ever sit down. . .

I couldn't believe my luck when Dottoressa Elvira at the Farmacia gave us a complimentary beach towel this morning. I actually went to buy Dramamine for T. She hardly ever takes those car sickness pills, but if I don't show her the box she gets anxious. It's like when F hasn't eaten for 45 minutes. . .  or when I realize that just because the wave isn't going over F's head doesn't mean it isn't going to knock me out. 

The big news of the day was when T &  F saw an older  couple really making out and really going at it in the water.  F said it was nice that people in their late sixties were still so passionate, and T said that they were in their eighties if they were a day and that she saw the lady get out of the water and pick up her walker afterwards. God bless 'em.

This post is brought to you by talcum powder which turns out to really get all the sand off you before you get back in the car. Who knew?
This dog stayed put, was affectionate and didn't yip, complain or beg for food. In essence, it made T look bad. (just kidding)

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