Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer homework/compito

If you are reading this outside of Italy, tell me if this amount of homework seems reasonable for an eleven year old about to enter seventh grade. I am in shock because I didn't even do this much work when I was in graduate school  . .  . . AND THIS IS ALL IN ITALIAN!

Read a novel from a list of choices and prepare to give an oral report on it.
Do four pages of math problems for 16 units of math which equals a total of 64 pages.
Write descriptions of 10 living things for science.
Read a segment of the Odyssey and rewrite it for modern times.
Write descriptions of a person, a family member, and a friend as they were taught to do in Italian.
Do dozens of Grammar exercises and review the concepts
Review the entire course of Tecnica which is a subject that deals with goods and industry and how things are made and draw dozens of geometric designs using a compass based on exacting instructions.
Read specific poems and answer questions about them.
Read specific myths and answer questions about them.
If you want to be in theater you also have to read A Midsummer Night's Dream (in Italian!)
Practice all of the songs they learned on the flute this year
Write ten verses in 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4
Review history of ; about 90 pages
Five different reading assignments from the Anthology book

I'm pretty sure I had no homework to do the summer after sixth grade. And after seventh grade I might have had to read a book over the summer and write an essay about what I did over summer vacation when I got back.

We tried to make a work calendar, but it got so complicated that I finally told T to just try to do an hour of work each day. But now I wonder if she will need to do two hours a day if we want to have at least a week with no work during the summer. And then I wonder how much of this is going to be checked and how much of this is designed to help her with the entrance exams that she has to take to prove that she remembers what she learned this year when she resumes her twelve subjects next year.  What do the Italian kids do? Some parents said they cram it all in the last two weeks of August. That may be an urban legend, though.

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