Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorpresa, numero due!

On the other hand, if I had known that T was so easy to surprise, I might have done one of these surprise parties thingamajigs back in Brooklyn.  She is either super gullible or on a mega-growth spurt because when she saw F walk in the door an hour and a half late with five, count them cinque pizzas, all she had to say was, "Good your home -- I'm starving."

Of course we were joined shortly after by Greta and Caoimhe and their whole families for the Friday night surprise party because when the whole war of the worlds situation happened with planning the original surprise party, I didn't have the heart to tell our friends with three children a piece that we had to change the date at the last minute.  Therefore, a surprise party in two parts was the natural solution.  Besides T has a very different, but equally authentic, way of being with her two friends who are not in her class and who also speak English. The whole vibe of this night was really really different than it was on Wednesday night. Explaining it would be like trying to explain casual friday to Tim Gunn.

The pizza was cold,  we didn't have enough chairs  so the kids had to eat picnic style, and the entertainment, from what I can tell, was that all of the girls did a computer makeover on Greta's twin brother Julian. Meanwhile the littlest boy Roman was completely thrilled with just a balloon, given the fact that he had Caoimhe's very spirited little sister to make googly eyes at.  The kids were punchy with euphoria that school will be over for the summer at 12:30 tomorrow.

When the little ones started to get antsy, we all went out, some of us on bikes, to get gelato.  There is a flavor called After Eight that has large chocolate mint wafers inside the creamy cold goodness of the ice cream. And there is another flavor called sacher that is based on the apricot jam filled chocolate cakes with real chunks of candied apricot in the super thick chocolate ice cream. Seriously, I'm not even making that up.

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