Thursday, June 30, 2011

 Chiara & slide buddy & T

La piscina
In Italy most every woman wears a bikini no matter what their age or girth.  And that is why my middle saw the light of day after about ten years in hiding. They will probably let us know on the evening news if it saw its shadow thus forcing us to hibernate for a long winter. T favors the pool at Casina Rossa where there is also a giant slide and a diving board.  We went with our friends Paola, Chiara, Elisa and Lorenzo and everyone had a great old time.  Even the frowning waitress from the restaurant we have still never dined at downstairs from our house seemed to have a good time.  She was with her fidanzato, and I think she accidentally smiled once or twice. But not at me.

T & Chiara again,  oh and that is F, thinking he is shorter than he is in real life.

The other fabulous thing that I can tell you that is so uber Italian is that you have to pay more to sit in the sunny terrace and bake yourself to crispy bits than you do to sit under the umbrellas in the shade.

Here is the slide in action:

Oh bikinis make us giddy:

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