Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Round and round we go
So after studying road signs non-stop for the weekend and today, I (F) went to the Autoscuola this afternoon where they welcomed me back joyously. And then when I said I was ready to take the driver's test for my Italian license, they seemed to say, "That's great. You're here on the day when the Doctor can sign off on you and then we finish your paperwork and you'll be all set!" So of course that involved another marca da bollo for €14.62, and another €29 for the doctor to take my eyeglasses and look through them???, and a zip back to the apartment on my bike to pick up the Carta d'Identit√† and the Permesso which I had conveniently left at home. Once that was done, they told me to come back at 19:30, so another mad dash home to study in hopes of passing the test on the first try and to inhale a cold pizza. Back at the school, more copies made and they say, "Okay, you're all set." So I look at them in my very best charming but blank and uncomprehending way, until finally they walk me into the classroom and point to the whiteboard on the wall with names and dates written on it. Finally it dawns on me, I just have to show up there every few days and see if my name is written there and whenever that happens, then I can take the test. When will I learn that you can't do anything in Italy on the first try? Remind me next time, will ya?

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