Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pixie or Bust
T is like Madonna in that she likes to reinvent herself every six months.  Six months ago it was bangs; a year ago it was a blond stripe; before that she cut her hair into a chin length bob that then became an earlobe length bob that was not well thought out and was hence much bemoaned; before that she had pink stripes, after that blue, then purple. You get the idea. But when she said, Mom, I want a pixie, I heard myself saying no way. No way/non esiste was not a cool thing to say as it is her head not mine. On the other hand, it is my ears that have to hear her hating herself every hour of every day for months or even years afterwards if she doesn't like the new look. That is when I remembered Taaz.com where you can upload a photo of yourself in a new hairstyle (not a celebrity which we hate to say looks nothing like you dear --I am talking to myself here.)  So now even People.com, a bad habit T and I can't shake, don't make us, has Taaz technology.  After seeing herself in a pixie, T came up with some other ideas.  Phhhew. So here she is now! Pretty cool, huh? A long brown bob with cherry red ends. We love it.

Emma Watson not so much
Michelle Williams even less

Carey Mulligan we beg to disagree
more like this!

It's not funny, is it?
Yup it's funny!

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