Sunday, June 26, 2011

Luca, Lucca

Remember when F had that crazy idea to give the baker, Luca, his gorgonzola bread? Well, today we were invited for lunch at his house. That is good Karma, bimba. This is how it happened: We invited him and his family to lunch. They were probably a little afraid of what people from Brooklyn cook for Sunday lunch so they counter-invited us, but said they were busy going hiking this weekend. Then he said if you're not doing anything come with us on the hike. We said yes, but then they said they were really going hiking next weekend instead because there was a fishing competition. Or so F thinks. We never know really what people are saying down to the particulars which makes life quite the little adventure.  So then they just invited us to lunch today and hiking next week. Or so F thought. The upshot is -- I had no idea what to wear. Should I wear fishing gear, hiking clothes, or a Sunday lunch outfit? Should I wear heels or sneakers? And how did they take the embarrassing after thought SMS/text mentioning that we were vegetarians? Do they wish they never met us or was it fine? Fun times in the car on the way there, I assure you.

Luca is one of the owners of Giusti bakery, where great bread is born every day except Sunday when we search the man down at his home, a quanto pare.  Giusti was on the cover of Travel & Leisure magazine last summer and so some tourists continue to get Luca's autograph and mailed him copies of their pictures with him. His wife Monica and I became instant friends; and his sons Tommaso and Filippo were so kind to us even though we basically were surprise guests who they met at their table when they stumbled downstairs after sleeping late like teenage boys tend to do.

Before lunch, they took us to see what for you Brooklyn people is a glorified stoop or yard sale, but what is for the Italians a newly accepted practice of selling your old stuff to your neighbors.  We are big fans of someone's old junk is someone else's treasure, but historically the Italians have considered this behavior to be in poor taste.  Only in these times of recycling and community building has the mayor given his okay to hold sale events in Capannori.  Here amidst the cianfrusaglie or tchotchkes were some truly interesting historical items like antique wash basins, and really beautifully made carpentry tools or this metal bird cage looking thing that they used to put hot irons in to keep the beds warm.
T and Monica at the community yard sale

Monica bought T a beautiful handmade beaded bracelet thus winning her a fashionable friend for life. And I came home with an appointment to do a Bioenergy treatment on  Monica's father who is having lung troubles. When we  go hiking in the mountain with them next Sunday and so it will be a different kind of July 4th weekend then we were maybe used to in New York-- not that we were the big barbecue in the non existent back yard type of folks because we are, if you know us, chomp on veggie burgers while watching reality tv shows kind of folks, but still . . .

Luca and K

In the little park by their house we came across some folks fishing and a funny little dog who wanted to get into the act. See for yourself:

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