Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Pagella/ the report card
We are some proud parents. Today was report card day and like all bureaucratic endeavors it was a tad stressful.  While T was studying with one of her tutors at a cafe and hoping to get some of her ton of homework done before they go off for their vacations, we went to the school to get her final grades. We brought with us proof of our pre-paid contribution of 27 euro. It was the religion teacher who was doling out the papers and he told us he would like to have all of the students (meaningful look included) in his class, even though it is an optional class, and then he helped us to re-enroll T for next year's class 2-H.

This mom who is not a big fan of mine was the first in line and we were second. There is a verbal eye rolling that happens sometimes where an Italian mamma can make a sound in the back of their throat that turns the word ciao into hello there b*tch, wanna throw down? But I digress. The good thing was that I followed my instincts and waited for a friendly mom to finish her report card collecting who then mentioned that she was going to go down and get the book list for next year.  What book list? Nobody told me we had to get a book list. Oh okay I did get one of those bad boys last summer and then went on to have a heated discussion with the guy who turns out to be the only text book seller in town because I was mad that he said that her Spanish book was out of print and then sold it to three Italian mommas that had ordered it after I did.

The list wasn't quite ready so we had to wait a few minutes.  To be clear, no one would have stopped me from leaving without it. That is just part of the cat and mouse game for next year when I ask innocently if they need different books than they did this year and everyone starts yelling at me and barking out orders that I don't understand. But I thwarted them by being really annoying and hanging on to this nice lady's sleeve and doing everything she did.  For example, if she didn't ask if what the key in the back of the book list meant I would have been completely fritto/ screwed. Last year T was in class 1-H so I would have bought the books for 2-H, but if you look at the key on the second page in tiny print you would see that 1 in this case means classes taking place at the main building of the school and 2 stands for after-school classes. Thwarted again. I may have to take a pill, I thwarted so much.

Can you believe how smarty-pants and bilingual T turned out to be?

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