Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just when you thought things were getting weird 
Things just got weirder. Let me start with the non-weird thing. Today Greta and T made another cooking segment for the blog.  The end result was the best chocolate cake I have ever ever evah had in my entire 41 years of life. And based on their segment I am going to go ahead and guess that their great success was a total accident.  I am going to have to try very hard not to sneak into the kitchen when everyone else is sleeping to have my way with it.

Now here's some stuff that is just so mega weird that I don't know how to explain it in a narrative. I may just make a list with bullet marks and have it translated from the original sanskrit. But here goes nothing. . .

After the odd experience I had with the Tommy Hilfiger twins (see earlier blog), an idea came to me: We should open a Healing Center here in Lucca where I could practice Bioenergy healing on larger groups of people. This idea is partly due to the fact that we we have been a lot of meeting people recently who all know each other who are interested in energy healing but lack a welcoming, tranquil spot to meet, study and relax in. If It doesn't work out, I may go back to teaching classes at a gym, but I kind of think that would be physically kind of rough on me and if we had our own place, I could teach there.

It turns out that my dear friend Massimo has a certificate for Bioenergy healing and is a tarot card reader (I had no idea); that the lady who sold me the chairs is a really accomplished yoga teacher who is looking to do more; and that there is a business association for expats in Lucca that meets every week across the piazza from our house.  So now we need to find the right space and the right clients and get the right kinds of documentation.

Today I went to see my friend Tiziana at the Luisa Spagnoli store, but she was at a runway show so her colleagues and I discussed the Bioenergy center idea and they told me not to call it a Benessere or wellbeing place because that is the word they use for beauty spas.

Then I went to see the erborista who advised me to form an association rather than requesting the partita iva number because it is more economical. I thanked her for the advice and she told me to say hi to her friend Angelo who I was about to see at his bar.

 Before I could really start talking with Angelo an elderly lady with a curved back came into the bar, and he had to leave me at the table to go wait on her. I thought she was very elegant and that she might not deign to speak to me. Instead she spoke to me for an hour and a half.  I understood every sixth word she said so what I think she said was that a whole lot of people in her family are now dead, but she has a daughter and grandchildren and some relative who calls her every evening and it rained last sunday when they were having dinner and she had to go without food for a heart exam she had yesterday and so now she was going to treat herself to a ham sandwich to which she kept adding copious amounts of salt, some of which she spit onto my black pants.

In the middle of it all Elisa, another of my clients who knows Angelo came in, and then the Tommy Hilfiger twins came in carrying a bag full of dvds and a 23 page xeroxed packet explaining what Diamond water is. Whatever it is, they gave me a massive jug of it. F had to carry it home for me because I could never have gotten it up our stairs.  At one point the old lady asked me why the strange Germans kept kissing me and there was nothing I could say in that moment to overcome how awkward it was. Then Angelo introduced me to a woman who practices Reiki, which she was taught by our friend Fabio who never told us about it.  After which Angelo had me speak on the phone with a friend of his who teaches meditation, which it turns out has been one of his goals for some time now.

Later I came to understand that some people believe that the diamond water is influenced by people's intentions and can help them realize their good intentions in real life.  So now that I think about it, it was a very sweet gift on behalf of the twins so double grazie to them.

Oh and I forgot to mention that when I was getting my hair done this morning, my friend Federica told me that she forgot to tell her mom that I would be treating her legs and for four days her mom kept feeling all this heat coming up her legs and thought there was something wrong with their couch; they had a big laugh about it afterwards. Plus today Federica's horse Yuma bit itself and needs stitches so she had to hurry up and finish my hair so she could run to meet the veterinarian at the stable. This is my way of explaining why I will soon be treating yet another horse with bioenergy. Tell me this is not weird stuff, people.

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