Thursday, June 09, 2011

Happy T with girls
Even though it was supposed to be a surprise party for T for finishing her first year of middle school in Italy, we had to arrive first at the restaurant because someone had to reserve the table. In fact I had billed it as a surprise for all of the girls since none of them knew that the others were going to be there. And so it was going to be a jacked up surprise any way you sliced it.  After my police officer friend and her family arrived it was still kind of a coincidence or koinkydink until the waiters started insisting that we change the seating of the restaurant to accommodate a table for 16 people. At that point the girls became suspicious.  Then finally the other two girls arrived and they were all pleasingly shocked in turn to find one another at the very same pizzeria on the very same night.

  As predicted, I hardly said three words the whole night and felt that I might fall in my plate with nervous exhaustion from what getting them all to the same place at the same time cost me. T's super amazing tutors came even though one had a stomach ache and they had to come in the rain and they waited outside for half an hour not realizing that we were inside.  T had fun. It was a bonding experience for the girls and for the families. I am pretty sure nobody hates my guts. So for me it was also a success.
Everyone having a good time. Even F who understood nothing.

Happy T with tutors

Me trying to understand Italian

Me not understanding Italian

Me fantasizing about Elisabetta Canalis

Me pretending I get the joke; how'd I do?

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