Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The hand gesturing thing is absolutely contagious.
Loose ends
Well today after a little nerve wracking Ryan airlines website failure and two phone calls from the fraud police about unusual use of our credit card (totally resolved false alarm mom), we are the proud owners of four tickets for Spain, (one for T's friend Greta.) Since the pirates refused to return my phone calls, we found a much more reliable way to get a car which is through name dropping, of course, my favorite italian passtime.  It turns out that my dear friend Paola's brother Carlo grew up with Francesco who runs a car dealership and has assured us that he will find us the perfect used car, give us a discount and a year's guarantee. I love name dropping, just love it. Say what you will.

Speaking of dropping names, my health specialist Jim Sparandeo resolved two major physical complaints that I have from time to time. Did you know that you can get rid of acne cysts quickly if you put some liquid glycerin on them? How about that tart cherry juice has natural melatonin in it that resolves insomnia without any side effects of the synthetic stuff? He's a genius that man, I keep telling you.

The other big news is that F had the brilliant idea of creating a really fun computer app for iphone or ipad or iwhatever that would make us rich. It is a really compelling concept that will use backgrounds of Lucca, great art and some animation. I am going to do a lot of the writing and he is going to do most of the art and the computer programming. It will be a family project as I am sure that T will have lots of input to give. We hope to have a sample for next month and to have it ready to upload by October sometime. I'll give you all the details when it's pronto.

We also just brought Jim's dehydration drink with ginger, cardomom, black peper, coriander, lime and honey to the dehydrated erborista because she still refuses to drink the water.  We gave chocolates to the flower lady who gave me the most beautiful roses last week and chocolates to my friend that works at Luisa Spagnoli just because. . .

In other news, tomorrow is the holiday where we celebrate that Italy became a republic.  In our house it means: SLEEPOVER! With Caoimhe and Greta of course!

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