Monday, June 06, 2011

Yesterday poured rain and so was the perfect day for cupcakes!!! K heard (from that Katie Holmes got to eat a salted caramel cupcake after a virtuous yoga workout in L.A. and told the girls that she was overcome by jealousy. Well, Katie Holmes eat your heart out because nothing tasted better than these moist chocolate cakes filled with lightly salted caramel and covered with frosting that T and Greta made (Caoimhe was sorely missed and will surely chime in next time). I think it was a hijacked Martha Stewart recipe--enough said.

While we are talking about food, it is cherry season here now. Which is a major reason to rejoice on so very many levels. First would be the previously mentioned natural melatonin without any of the bad side effects of the supplement. Another is that it highlights how amazingly local Italian farming is. These days at the Ortafrutta there are four different kinds of cherries, including cherries from Matraia (where our friends at Fattoria Colleverde are) as opposed to cherries from Ponte a Moriano which is next to Matraia. AND THEY TASTE DIFFERENT!!

P.S. The new erborista still refuses to drink any liquids but she would like me to come by every day and remind her to drink liquids. Is that progress? I don't know, but it makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

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