Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The bulletin board/L'albo
Today was the day when we thought we would find out T's grades. We had heard that they were posted on the bulletin board at school and that everyone would see everyone else's grades. I toyed with the idea of bringing a Budweiser Beer beach towel and lying out on the floor in front of the albo with a picnic basket and a boom box so I could bask in the Italian gossip machine known as Carducci middle school. Instead it turned out that they do the slightly more humane thing of posting everyone's name and the words ammesso or non-ammesso to indicate whether they have passed.  It is meant to be humiliating and it succeeds grandly. T passed with flying colors. Maybe I should have said that first. Didn't mean to worry you. Only one boy in her class did not pass and T said that he drew nasty pictures in his notebook and did not make any effort academically all year.  In fact only two students in her whole grade have to repeat the year. I don't know about your middle school years, but I would have to think long and hard about whether I'd rather give up a toe or two or repeat mine.

On Friday we have to go back to get a normal report card with her grades written in it on a scale of one  to 10 with five being a passing grade for each of her subjects, I think there are 13 subjects altogether if you count gym. The thing to worry about is that two kids from the second year who failed will be coming into her class next year and there is the possibility that they are going to be some tough personalites because if they didn't pass it could be because they are not respectful to the teachers or that they don't get enough support at home. But maybe they were just unlucky folks with huge hearts who T will enjoy, you never know.  There were several kids in her class who repeated this year and one or two of them T would have not missed a whole heck of a lot if they got left back again, if we're being honest.

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