Monday, May 30, 2011

Tanti Auguri Mario
Today we went to Mario's 80th birthday party.  He is the grandpa of T's friend Chiara. Even F was full after lunch, which never happens.  Before lunch he got a lesson on how to make T's favorite potatoes from Chiara's grandma. That was cute. The secret is coating the potatoes well in olive oil before putting them in the oven with rosemary, garlic, and salt at a high temperature instead of frying them.  We also got to see the slide show of their trip to Africa in 1971.  Afterwards we went to Chiara's other grandparents house in the country and played ball and ate gelato and homemade biscotti. Basically we are taking advantage of any sort of family reunion we can swing an invitation to so we can get fed. (We are such scroungers, in fact, that we didn't even get a photo of the birthday boy or either of the gorgeous grannies.)  Another great Sunday and the time flew. 

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