Friday, May 27, 2011

Our To Do (over) list

Today F went to buy us a car.  He took the train to the next town of Montecatini because he saw on the internet that several good used car candidates were available at a particular dealership.  Sadly, he forgot to calculate the distance from the train station to the car dealership (26 min. by foot according to Google maps) or take a hint from the fact that they never returned his e-mail inquiry. In short, we fell for the old Italian website trick AGAIN. Come to think of it, if these websites actually worked and were used properly, F would have many jobs designing them.  Instead none of the cars really existed in real life and F endured a lot of hot train travel for nothing.

After doing Bioenergy for several clients today I went to go get the blood test results of the new erborista and thank goodness they all looked normal, but when health expert Jim Sparandeo looked at them for us he saw something that the hospital had missed. My new erborista was all dried up. She was the most dehydrated person he had ever seen and when I asked her how much water she drank she responded that she hardly drank any at all EVER. Well that will make you tired and cranky so now she has promised to drink a lot of water and some magnesium and B12 as well and that also explains why the bioenergy didn't have an immediate effect because it doesn't make a person magically drink water. Mystery solved. Thank you Dr. House/Jim. P.S. her thyroid may also have been out of wack but we will never know since I treated her for that before she got the tests done.

T also had a do over because the Italian Grammar test that she studied so hard with Chiara and Paola for (thank you Paola) and then got an 8 and a half out of ten on, was just another of her Italian professor's trick tests and in fact her good grade may not count at all towards her final report card; instead she will have to do it over tomorrow.  Perhaps Prof. has not seen what this week's bizarre jungle hot temperatures will do to an already overwrought pre-teen girl at the end of her first year of middle school, but the last thing we needed around here was a fake test, I tell you. Well, the second to last thing.

The last thing we needed was this assignment by her art Professor to copy every line and every word of three pages of the text book, including a couple of intricate illustrations of some Greek temples, and then color it in, using tracing paper and also (one would have to conclude) your parents. And if that were to have happened to be the case, didn't F and I and Greta's brother Julian do a great job?

Oh and before I forget, did I tell you that we finally took Fergal and Lisa's advice and signed up on one of those sites where you can exchange houses with another family and get a much cheaper vacation out of the deal? I was skeptical at first, but since we put up photos of the house we have got dozens of offers to stay at really beautiful beach locations in Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, Australia and some poor dears from the U.S. and Canada that think we would want to go there when we can be somewhere so fab in under two hours. After the gross "unhygenic-ness" of the place we rented in Paris, I am feeling a bit more adventurous. So if you see pictures of our house on someone else's expat blog, don't freak? It's cool they have permission. I hope the Irish family makes the deal with us because Fergal says that Irish people love the heat in the summer after all of the humidity of Ireland and so we won't feel guilty letting them broil here while we go stay by the seaside for a bit.

P.S. In the end, T only got a 7 out of 10 on the tracing job because it was done in pencil and it was supposed to be done in marker. I didn't have the balls to complain for obvious reasons. ARGH!

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