Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Noah's Ark, 2.0
We learned a few lessons about water balloons yesterday:

Lesson one--water balloons bigger than your head are brilliant in theory, but not so much an indoor sport.

Lesson two--water balloons bigger than your head hold an awful lot of water.

Lesson three--the parental strategy of running in and saying "Be careful with those water balloons!!!" can be slightly counterproductive.

Lesson four--the parental strategy of collapsing in laughter at the ensuing and contemporaneous reenactment of the flooding of the Mississippi river is exclusively enjoyed by fathers (though after he rolls up his pant legs and starts mopping, it does then seem pretty funny.)

Lesson five--once proved that water balloons bigger than your head are a bad idea, don't then put six of them in a bag and drag them through the apartment.

Lesson six--surprisingly, two head-sized water balloons will survive a ride across town in a bicycle basket.

Lesson seven--other families may find it odd that you are bringing their children home un po' bagnato/sopping wet and that you have brought head-sized water balloons with you that you are proceeding to toss back and forth in front of their house.

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