Thursday, May 12, 2011

A mystery solved!!!!
 I love a lot of things about T's new school. I love that the subjects are thematically connected so you learn about the Middle Ages that means the art, the history, the geography, the literature, everything... I love that the kids tend to unite more against the teachers than against each other over all. I love that T has learned more this year than I learned my entire first year of college. But that said, to be fair, I was distracted that year. However, "well organized" is not a term that I would use to describe her new school and here is a little example why:

Do you want to know why T's American twin friends had to return to school several months after the principal of the middle school said that they could be home schooled? Oh I'll tell you why. Because the supposedly best English teacher at their middle school translated that they wanted to go "Home for School" not that they wanted to be "Home Schooled." So imagine the principal's surprise to find out that they've been walking the walls of the city reciting their times tables instead of inside her hallowed halls. Welcome to Italy, everyone. Those kids have been really, really brave. Imagine if your middle school experience was in another language you don't speak at all and after making the decision to be home schooled you had to return months later when the class was even more united and not used to you being there. The boy twin the other day actually won over the whole school with his comic drawing ability and has people paying him for his art. The girl twin is so supernaturally calm, cheerful and good looking that no one has even messed with her. I felt like I had three heads in middle school and I spoke the native tongue perfectly. Go figure!

These same kids were asked not to come to school tomorrow because it is State Testing day and the grades reflect teacher performance. Seriously. To all of Tatia's Italian teachers from NY and skype, you know who you were, blessings on every word you managed to get in her head before we got here. Especially thanks to Francesca Randazzo. T stole one of my Italian novels yesterday and has started reading it. Okay I am bribing her to read it. But still. . . I am proud.

Here are some pictures from the fondue restaurant in Paris that we forgot all about from the last night of our Easter vacation and some pretty pictures from today when we showed our new friends Abbe and Ed from Pennsylvania around Fattoria Colleverde (see link under faves) and San Frediano (my favorite church ever) and managed only to get photos of the church and not of any of us. Guess you guys have to come back for a second visit:

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