Sunday, May 08, 2011

La Festa della Mamma

Auguri and Happy Mother's Day a tutti! After a lovely breakfast in bed that consisted of an amuse bouche of raspberry pancakes and eggs benedict, T hopped under the canopy and gave me mother's day presents, or as they are known in these parts as pay back for having stolen a good quarter of my wardrobe and then having the audacity to look better in it than I do.  But it is a lovely little borsetta and F produced a spectacular tall bouquet of pink roses. He is a tall drink of water our F.

Right after breakfast we got a call from Anna Maria la bombshell poliziotta from Puglia and Fabio (from Milano) that they were going to Viareggio to have a walk on the lungomare with the girls Aurora and Erica and did we want to join them? I was a good girl, Dr. Pagni, and I covered up. I tried to trick myself into thinking that I looked mysterious in my floppy enormous straw hat and equally enormous shades, but judging my the stares I got from the already orange and bronze skinned bikini clad signorine on the beach, I may have only succeeded in looking pale. T had a great time with the girls eating the best pizza we've had yet in Italy at a place called Mare where in addition to a margherita pizza they offer vegetarians a kind of pizza with fried tomatoes, extra cheese and hot peppers that really does a passo doble in your mouth.  For dessert the girls had focaccia smothered in nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread that is their peanut butter, and heated up until it's piping hot and melted.

After pranzo the girls went and got their leggings soaked in the sea as they splashed each other and collected shells. After that they had gelato and we browsed in the shops, surprising Anna with an early birthday present which made her giggle. We bought a bubble shooter for T in support of her building her babysitting business. It attracts little ones like baby crack, I tell you.

This is Erica, Aurora's little sister

One of Fabio's first assignments when he came to Lucca as an officer at the Guardia di Finanza (kind of a cross between the Secret Service and the IRS) was to go sotto copertino/undercover in Viareggio to catch the people working at the beaches who were in nero (basically not paying taxes). He is a very smart and spiffy dresser with a razor short haircut and excellent if somewhat stiff posture.  A cross between James Bond and Felix Unger with a little bit of Ricardo Montalban thrown in for good measure. So when he had to dress in bermuda shorts and a tee shirt and act relaxed and vacation-like as part of his sting operation it didn't surprise us to learn that the barista would lean across the counter and pronounce emphatically and without fail, "And here is your receipt, SIR."

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