Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Il Calzolaio/the shoemaker, la pentultima parte 
Today I tried on ballerinas made by someone other than il calzolaio that were lacy black leather and not bad looking.  It was all a tease because they were not my size.  Then il calzolaio shook his head and said that ballerinas in general are not the right shoe for me because the sides of them are too low and could never support the insertion of my orthotic solettas. I knew for a fact that that wasn't a fact. How you ask? Well, I went to a shoe outlet and bought cheap material ballerinas before the trip to Paris and sewed elastics into them and got my orthotics inside with no problem.  F didn't want me to show il calzolaio the cheap, shoddy outlet ballerinas because it might offend him. But then after this brazen pronoucement that he would never made me the ballerinas after six months of waiting for them, I decided to put him to the test.

When Alessandro, il calzolaio, saw the ballerinas, he said they weren't bad at all.  So after six months all he had really done is order well-made, durable leather orthotics from a catalog for 18 euro.  So I said can't you just put thick soles on these so I don't feel the pavement so much? He agreed. Could we insert the new orthotics in them? He agreed. And then he said he would re-sew my hand sewed elastics on to the old ballerinas. I guess as an old ballerina myself, I shouldn't have expected any different. So now on Thursday I am supposed to pick up these long awaited gems that I will not be able to brag were hand crafted especially for me by a cute calzolaio with fuzzy hair who used to work for Gucci in Rome.  But if anyone asks me where I got my ballerinas, I am sure as heck not going to say the Outlet store in town.

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