Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Il Calzolaio/the Shoemaker II, six months later . . .
Okay so yesterday morning in my post-communion haze, I received a call from Alessandro il Calzolaio. Of course I had no idea who was on the line with me for several minutes; and once I did identify him, I had to get over the shock that he was calling me.  Yesterday at the communion we were taking to  Fabio and Anna Maria about dialects and I mentioned how I have a hard time understanding il calzolaio.  Anna Maria, as you will recall, is the bombshell police officer, and it turns out she is one of the calzolaio's favorite people! "Yeah, I don't think he's from Lucca," she said, but he worked for Gucci I believe." Oh yes, I know that well, I said. She said if I mentioned her name it would have some effect.  When I did, I could hear him blushing through the telephone.  I told him I would be by that same morning.

Once at the shop, he was very proud to show me a leather insole that is quick to dry and top of the line.  Unfortunately, the modello shoe it went with was a ballerina like shoe except that it had white stitching and a thick strap that made it look like a cross between a little girl's Buster Brown maryjane shoe and one of those orthopedic numbers for elderly nurses.  I had to explain that my daughter would never let me out of the house in those.  Remember the picture? I just want a plain black ballerina with crossing elastics to hold it on at the ankle. He said to come back tomorrow.

When I told Jim Sparandeo, my nutrition expert extraordinaire, the story he told me about the following song:

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