Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holla at Me

As a quick follow-up, I had to show you this video from Happy Gym Palestra in Lucca. Last year there was an adult lady hip hop class that unfortunately is not currently available. I am sad as can be because, judging by this clip, those women are my people. If any of you, especially the brave soloist, read English, please send me a comment. Or as the kids (and also Chris Brown) say: Holla at me! It is good to know that those women exist even if I have no idea where to find them. It is hard to imagine where si sarebbero imbucate/ they have hidden themselves in this sleepy yet chic little neck of the woods.

Even I may not have been brave enough to have appeared in this number. Better start practicing my cartwheels!:

And this is . . . this is . . .wow.

In other news, today I finished treating the momma of Alessandro, the interior designer. She is the sweetest little lady ever on the planet.  I seriously hope the Bioenergy makes her feel like a million bucks! The way we were all sweating in my chilly front room, I have to think something big has changed for her. Aside from the fact that things have already changed for her.

Then there is the continuing saga of the new erborista/ herb store lady who came to me with depression that turned out to be very severe. She described having every symptom of thyroid disease based on my personal experience so I just wondered aloud if she had ever been tested because she was reminding me of myself back when with fatigue, dry skin and hair, irritability, weight and appetite changes, changes in body temperature etc. She decided to go to the doctor and have blood tests taken just in case, and so in a few days we will know what happened with that. I am not a doctor and certainly not capable of making a diagnosis so she did the right thing and went elsewhere to have tests done to see if her depression might have a physical component that then I would be happy to help her with.

Today looks to be a day of big happenings so I'll fill y'all in later. P.S. My lower back is still a little waka. A presto!

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