Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gotta love the Musica
Today we got invited to stop by T's school's outdoor concert in piazza della svizzera where her friend Adriana was playing clarinet. Much to my dismay the kids played not only the theme from the Godfather (AGAIN) but also all of the rest of the songs that the accordion player outside my house has ruined for me, if I didn't already detest them, which I did, including Memories from the musical Cats, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  The only good news is that they did not play George Michael's Careless Whisper which would have made me do something really impossibly inappropriate. It was a hundred degrees mid piazza so we did what the paler Italians did and took the chairs and moved them into the strips of shade along the perimeter.

My favorite moment of the whole concert is when this music teacher, I guess she was, walked across the piazza several times in the identical outfit to Olivia Newton John at the end of the movie Grease. It was an all black skin tight number that went off the shoulders and her bleached, permed blond hair was jauntily shaking as she shimmied by.  I kept waiting for her to burst out "Ooh honey, you're the one that I want, ooh ooh ooh." But my astute friend Gabriella pointed out that she wouldn't wear those red and white high-heeled polka dotted shoes with the bows on them even if she got paid to do so.  And then there was this pregnant pause and we both burst out laughing because she had to admit that she would, in fact, wear them if somebody paid her and they probably wouldn't even have to pay her that much. It was even funnier in Italian, credimi.

At the concert, I was reflecting on how different things feel after living here for almost a year, for example:
10.  T now corrects my Italian grammar.
9.  I no longer tip anyone for anything.
8.  F & I can't drink watered down coffee because it doesn't taste right if it doesn't wipe the plaque off your teeth.
7.  The same friends that we used to call to get T's homework assignments from every day, now call on T for help.
6.  I feel totally vulnerable without a scarf around my neck if it is even a little chilly.
5.  I judge people by their shoes and then I slap myself and then I stop.
4.  I can't listen to accordion music without becoming violent.
3.  T says things in English like, "I will make my homework and then go and see if works the computer."
2.  F wears form fitting purple pants and is proud of it.
1.  I never assume any bureaucratic task will get done in one go and, therefore, have come to think of my To Do list as a To Do Over list.

Don't forget to use your arrow keys to view the panorama!!! (Sorry about my tone, I just heard some accordion music.)

P.S. You can call me a shallow, vapid expat, but today a bunch of the sun spots on my face that I've had for years washed right off. I love intense pulsed light, really I do.

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