Saturday, May 14, 2011

A few notes from energy land
So I'm having another few weird days where I wake up and dash into getting ready mode and shooing/shouting T out of the house because 1) she is arguing with her Converse sneakers that have to be laced up just so 2) is arguing with her hair because it is fragile and likes to go up in spirals when you least expect it or 3) is arguing with us because why can't we keep track of her goniometro (otherwise known as that half circle thingy we call a protractor)?

Once I wash up and then clean the bathroom, just in case a non-family member wants to go in there, the new erborista/herb store lady who fought with, and fired, my friend the other new erborista who now opened an herb store in Pescia which is in direct competition with our old erboristas who dealt with our flea ridden cats, shows up looking rather depressed. If you have no idea what I am talking about it is a sign you need to push "older posts" at the bottom of the page because ours is an ongoing saga, baby.

Anyway my new erborista is probably mostly depressed about firing her dear colleague but I am not getting involved with that. I am just objectively wishing that she feels better for the amorphous thing that is bothering her once the Bioenergy treatments (see link under "non-profits--donate & learn" on the right) is over.  Then I do Bioenergy for my haircutter friend Sonia's mother with brain cancer and then for my other haircutter friend Federica's horse who has a knee problema.  At night I am doing energy for T's friend's autistic brother and for F who has eye swelling from his allergies.

So far the only person who has not gotten better after the treatments, as far as I know, is this guy Marco, the dry cleaner's son with the stomach valve problems. He did get better for a bit and then he had a motorcycle accident and so Jim Sparandeo or as he is known now to people here "a man like Dr. House (House, M.D.) from the television" is helping him with this one. We are waiting impatiently for celery seeds to arrive to Laura's erboristeria/herb store so we can see if an infusion will help.  I think he keeps putting himself back in a very high stress situation and that sometimes it is hard for Bioenergy to work if people keep doing the same old things that are causing the health problem in the first place. That's why I stopped teaching at the gym in Park Slope before I left, and poof no more back problems. But one out of twenty something is still pretty great, so I continue on.

Remember the candy store lady who I invited to dinner but cancelled at the last minute? Well she cancelled because she had to pick her boyfriend up at the train station. Now If I had known that she had a boyfriend of course I would have invited him. But I've come to find out that her boyfriend is none other than the Nicholas Cage double from the movie Moonstruck who works at our bakery. Awkward! So probably we will have to do a do-over for that invitation, but I think it will have to be after school is over because for now we are just focusing on getting T done with her first year of middle school and getting F to pass his driver's test so we can finally get a car.

Also all the great food in Paris caught up with my middle and so I am on the F diet. F serves me one small helping of the same delicious stuff he always cooked except now I don't eat any more after that. No more justifications a' la Winnie the Pooh for just a bit more this or that.  You know how after a sweet something it is time for something salty and vice versa until it is hard to get up?  Sounds simple, but as I watch T after dinner eat from the "chocolate jar" - don't tell me you don't have one in your pantry?- and all my little hormone charged cells start screaming "ME WANT COOKIE!!!" it is not really as easy as it sounds. I may write a book it is working out so well. Or maybe the lady at Max & Co. was just telling me I looked thinner because she wanted me to buy a skirt. . .

“When having a smackerel of something with a friend, don't eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out.” - Winnie the Pooh. Wise advice, my furry little friend.

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