Friday, May 20, 2011

A couple of buone azioni/ good deeds

After last night's festivities, I had less than satisfying sleep. I had a song stuck in my head that got faster and faster. Darn you Glee and all of your catchy dance numbers! And then the alarm went off half an hour early because I promised the new erboista/ herb store lady to take her to the hospital to get her blood tests done. I walked clear across town because I got the exits/porta confused. (The whole time there was a piece of leather from my new flip flops between my toes that made its annual voyage into my flesh, thus preparing my feet for summer. It happens every year no matter what. This is the first time I knew it was Spring the old fashioned way with birds chirping and flowers blooming; in NY I would just wait for the appearance of the Cadbury chocolate Easter egg commercial with the clucking bunnies.)

When we got to the hospital there was a line for blood tests that would have made you think that Lady Gaga was doing the summer festival -- instead we will get Joe Cocker (yes, he is still alive), James Blunt (oh joy!) and Elton John (he just wanted a free trip to Lucca.) There was a complicated litany of instructions whereby you wait in a room for your lucky lottery number to be called and then you go to window to pay and get empty test tubes and then you go to another room to have your blood drawn. My erboista was stressed that she wouldn't get to open her store in time, but she did in the end. I only hope now that she's four test tubes lighter of blood and one hundred euros lighter of medical bills, things will work out for her.  At the hospital, I learned that T was home with a stomach ache and that she wasn't going to school.  It turned out not to be anything serious but she looked like she really needed a day home from school.

Next I went to the hair salon and found out that my friend's mother with the brain cancer is doing much better after the Bioenergy treatments, but she is due to get more chemo on Monday and so then I will start another round. From there I went to meet another energy client, a young woman who I met through the erborista that got fired by the new erborista.  She came to me mostly with symptoms of depression and wanted to talk about it. I told her it was better not to talk to me at length during the treatments, but I offered to take a walk with her when the treatment was over and so today was the day.

She had just gotten through  telling me about all of these horrific relationships with family members and "friends" that are totally devoid of boundaries. Then in front of us appeared a beggar dressed as a clown, as happens here from time to time. Sometimes they look like ghostly nuns if they are women or sometimes strange mimes if they are men and at first I didn't understand if they had a cultural significance.  The one today was more clownish and he had on a floppy brown hat and tattered, funny clothes. I decided there was no way I was going to interact with him today because I was just not in the mood. He put his hat out to me and I said very clearly, "Non oggi/Not today." To make up for my rejection he put his lascivious eyes all over my client, up and down in the grossest of ways, and then grabbed her hand. He told her she was beautiful and that she should leave me and stay with him. She smiled, said a few words, and finally pulled away. I told her that we were literally just given a teaching example, and asked her if she could explain why he kept his distance from me, but was all over her.  In the end, I think she got the message, but If not, lord knows, I tried.

Then on the way back home finally, the old erborista called and said she wanted to give me a payment from the old lady that I call Mamma Lia with the vulva cancer who I thought based on our phone conversation was going to pay me by crocheting a cover for my bathroom toilet seat, but I must not have understood a word because she paid me the normal way. Then the erborista told me that her daughter is very ill and so really she came to ask me for treatments for her.

If all this was too heavy, let me lighten things up by saying that on the way to the hair salon my friend the bombshell police officer, the wife of Fabio from F's birthday party last night, called to invite me to go dancing with her on Saturday night. Stay tuned for that one cause there is no way that will not be blog-worthy.

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Laurence said...

Possibly the beggars are dressing as commedia dell'arte characters?